Driving tips for Florida


If you are planning a vacation or any other kind of visit to Florida, you might consider hiring or renting a car. It is always wise to know about all the rules and regulations that are designated for safe and easy ride.

While at Florida, you might want to visit Walt Disney World for your family time or Bush Gardens for roller coaster and wildlife. You could also travel to one of the many beaches like: Miami Beach or Panama City Beach. For more information on where to go or where to visit while you are in Florida, check out our various blogs on Florida places.

For a safe driving experience on your road trip to Florida make sure you read and understand following lists of instructions.

Top Tips for Florida Newbie


Months before our trip to Florida, I started to read forums and the reviews on various websites in order to gather information, and it proved to be just perfect. It’s been four months now since we returned, and I am writing this blog as a means to return my favor. Rather than giving reviews of my full trip and making my readers bored, thought I will share with you some top things that I learned from the trip.

Florida Tourism

Taxi Terry Florida

There were six of us me, my wife, grandpa, grandma and two of my daughters. We all stayed at the Polynesian resort in Disney and it was my kids’ first trip. We arrived at the Jacksonville International Airport and we already had our airport taxi booked for the day. We had reserved online from a taxi rental company just for that day. That day we could not do much except to land on the airport, take the taxi and reach our resort. We hired the same taxi service for the rest of our trip.

7 Holiday Taxi Tips for this Easter


Taxis are always hard to get during the holidays. And while Easter is no less than Christmas or New Year, getting a taxi this time around is not easy. Taxi drivers are also people with families that they would like to spend their holiday with, so there will probably be fewer cabs on the road than usual. Combine it with the fact that more people need cabs on holidays, there will be a big shortage of taxis when you need it. So if you plan to get a cab back home this Easter, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

How to Prevent Car Sickness


Do you hate travelling in a car? Does the mere mention of a road trip give you nightmares? Do you get car sick? You’re not alone. A lot of people suffer from carsickness around the world – whether it is mild or severe. Fortunately, there are several ways to counter it, and keep the contents of your stomach to yourself. Here is everything you need to know about preventing car sickness.

6 Common Taxi Scams to Avoid


You can find scammers almost anywhere. But taxi drivers seem to get a particularly bad rap, when it comes to scamming their customers – perhaps, because most of us have been on the receiving end of a taxi scam, at one point or the other. To be fair, most taxi drivers of minicab services are honest people just trying to earn a day’s living. But a few bad apples give the whole group a bad name. Since you can’t determine which driver is honest and which one is not, just by looking, you need to be aware and constantly on the lookout for the common scams they use.  Here are the 6 most common taxi cab scams and how you can avoid them:

Top 10 Christmas Events in Florida


Florida has its own Christmas traditions and specially this time of the year Florida is a host of various extravagant events and functions that lots of family around America and other parts of globe want to spend their Christmas holidays visiting Florida.

With Thanksgiving over it’s time for Florida to focus on Christmas! Let us discuss some top events for you. Here are our picks of the best things to do, events and festivals from Key West to Orlando to St. Augustine that are sure to bring out your holiday cheer.

11 Top-Rated Attractions of Jacksonville, Florida


Flapping its wings on the central heart of Florida is “Jacksonville” – the home of military armed forces & various heart-thumping attractions.

Every year millions of tourists make their way through the beautiful scenic route of Jacksonville, FL. Why? 

The reason seems obvious; the county seat of Duval County (Jacksonville) thrives because it rides upon the positive vibes extracted by all its attractions.